Natural Boulder Wall

Building walls with natural quarry boulders

Anywhere Excavations has been working on this Macmasters Beach acreage since 2013. We have built walls, reshaped the land, install roads and sheds.

  • On this project, we got massive 1- 2 ton boulders from the Kincumber Quarry, we had to remove them using the excavator as they were difficult to tip.
  • Once the boulders were on the ground, a tree was removed for a fence using the largest excavator we have to protect the neighbour's property.
  • We then cleared a drainage channel, lined it with geo-cloth to protect it from erosion and filled the channel with local rock.
  • A rock hammer was used to tidy up some of the natural rocks and the whole wall was backfilled with sand.

Machines used:

  • 6.5-ton Excavator
  • 4-ton skid steer
  • Custom rock breaking
  • Tipper Trucks
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